Do you want to start or grow a successful pet-related business from home?

I can help you build and run a successful pet business. I’ve done it, lived it, since 1996, I’ve owned 2 pet sitting businesses. I’ve won best dog walking business awards. I have mentored others to help them succeed.

I help pet sitters, dog walkers, dog trainers and more build and grow a successful business that affords them more quality time and money while doing what they love-working with pets!

– Gina McGrath

Founder & CEO, The Pet Business Advisor

Starting Your Pet Business - 10 Instant Action Steps To Start and Grow Your Pet-related business!

Do any of these sound like you?


Are you stuck in an unfulfilling career?


Not sure you can make enough money to be a full time pet business owner?


Do you know what steps you need to take, and in what order?


Dealing with a feeling of dread and overwhelm?


Sick of being stuck in traffic, commuting to a job you hate? Rushing through life, and not experiencing much joy?


Not sure where or how to start?


Depressed? Not sleeping? Are you unconsciously ruining relationships because you are feeling grumpy?


Are you afraid to disappoint loved ones or afraid of getting judged?


Sick of feeling stuck?


Are you wishing you had the courage to just go for your dream job of working with animals?

What if I told you“You Can!”?

Here are some lies you might be believing or telling yourself:


there's shame in being a service provider


spouse and friends will be unsupportive


it's OK and normal to be unhappy in my career


I need to work 9-5 in a full time “typical” job that provides benefits

Don't believe everything you think

I can help you break through your roadblocks.

I can help you wake up to a Brand New Day!

time for family/friends/social life

no pressure to get up early mornings or work late nights if you don't want to

you can be responsible for your own income

you can be your own boss

you can wear what you want to work (no more sore feet in heels!)

you can create your own destiny

you don't have to rely on an employer

you can have happier, satisfying relationships

experience joy, working with pets!

With my guidance, you’ll be well on your way to your happy place!


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-Valerie T.

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Michelle D.
- Michelle D.

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-Lauren P.

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-Amee M.
-Amee M.
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