Pet Sitting Service Contract


Use this fillable form to sign up your clients for pet sitting, dog
walking, pet taxi, and any service you perform with the clients pets in
their home. Complete 2-page contract with sections for Client info,
Newsletter permissions, Home info, Key info, Pet details, Vet info, and Terms & Conditions (legalese). Fill out the first set of dates, and the contract is good until termination of client/future services. No need to come up with all the details on your own, it’s all here! Modified personally by Gina, tried and tested for 25 years.

Client Intake Form


This 1 page fillable form is for office use/your eyes only, it has spaces for basic info when a potential client first contacts you. Name, phone numbers, address, pet info, travel dates, service requests, special notes, etc. All the preliminary info you need about a potential client at a glance.

Veterinary Release Form


Use this fillable form when signing up a new client, along with the contract. It details the clients’ vet info, gives permissions for you to take the pets to their vet, authorizes amount the client is willing to spend on vet care (if there is a limit), and payment info or if credit card is on file at vet. This can be a real time-saver, and allows you to seek vet care if needed, without any out of pocket costs for you!

IC Non-solicitation Agreement


When you have hired Independent Contractors, you will want to both sign this fillable agreement to protect yourself from an IC potentially soliciting your clients without your knowledge during any pet sitting assignment and for a period of time after your relationship has terminated. Checked by an attorney. Just enter your business name, the IC’s name & sign!

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